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Running In the Snow

Here we are on New Year’s Eve, hard to believe the year has passed already, (If I had a nickel for every time I heard the phrase “how time flies” I would be a wealthy man)!  That being said, it just felt a little cliché, nonetheless Happy Holidays, Hope your Christmas was Great, and Happy New Year!

Over the Christmas break we went back to Chicago for the week.  Being born and raised about 40 miles outside the city it will always be home.  I love TN, the people, the hospitality, the beauty, and the opportunities around Nashville, but Chicago is also a great place to live.  IT is also a great place to run in the snow!  Being somewhat new to the triathlon sport and running in particular the serenity of running is just starting to hit me.  The serenity is multiplied when running in the snow.

An old dear friend, John Sheehy called me when we were pulling into town.  He invited me to run in the morning.  Mr. Sheehy and I go back to high school wrestling and he has since become quite the runner (running multiple marathons and qualifying often for Boston) so I was a little hesitant to run.  Much to my hesitation I agreed to meet at 7 a.m. at the Drake hotel for an hour run along the lake.  The run and conversation were awesome. It is amazing how a nice run and good conversation can change the whole outlook on the day, week or even a year.  Sounds trite, but as men, I think we can pick up a friendship right where we left off and not miss a beat, and that we did.  We ran along the lake, with winds blowing and snow falling.  It was slippery footing, crunching snow, and a peace that took you back to a Norman Rockwell painting.  We ran for the better part of an hour and the time again seemed to fly by.  Telling old stories, sharing new experiences and creating a new memory.  A memory of a frienship rekindled, and another that will stick with me, the joy of running in the snow.

Since that time I had the opportunity to run in the snow 2 more times.  Each time enjoying it more and more.  I think it is neat how quiet a city can become when the snow covers the street, and continues to fall….it is like insulating the outside world and you can settle in to great quiet time in your head, and a peaceful state.

My vote….run in the snow!  Enjoy the added steps, watch your footing and settle in for a unique experience!  Oh, and thanks for the run Mr. Sheehy, running is always a great way to connect old Friendships!


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Sharing Great Ideas

I am excited this morning about meeting a good friend to share ideas.  My running buddy, Josh and I get together to work through what it is to be a great business owner and leader.  I have helped him figure out what is unique ability is and where he can add value to society.  He is helping to take ideas and visions and make sure I follow through on them.  It seem the follow through part and the details have been a struggle for me.  It becomes overwhelming to try and implement all the “stuff” that goes through my head.  The key, I am discovering, is to determine what is important and what is a waste of time.  Then after the decision is made, how to make sure the follow through is there.

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Your Chances of Becoming a Millionaire are

Three Times Greater in a Down Economy

Some encouraging news as we begin 2010

It was at a conference in San Diego when I heard the good news

about the chance of becoming a millionaire is greater in a down economy.

While the news is great there is still a lot of work to be done to make it

happen and to be successful (or else we’d all be millionaires by now, right?).

Success and “wealth” are defined differently for each individual.

You may be thinking, “I already have a million;” well then your chances of

achieving 10 million are even greater. You may just want to pay off your

mortgage. Regardless, these next few words will be encouraging to you. The

steps, system and sequence to achieve both, is only a decision away. You can

have all that you want in 2010 if you focus on a few critical steps to financial


“Decisions Determine Destiny.”

ago and it is just as prevalent and as needed today. First, you must decide

what you want. This sounds simple enough and it can be, but sometimes we

get in our own way. Before your success and wealth can gain momentum,

specific time needs to be set aside to identify what you want, to write it

down, and to then commit to it by signing your name and assigning a

completion date to it. The more clearly you can see what you want, the easier

it will be to achieve.

General George Patton stated this year’sYour Money Must Be Invested Wisely to Achieve Your Destiny.

most people know what they want, a small percentage actually create a plan

to get there, and a miniscule percentage of those understand where to put

their money to make it all happen (especially in this economy). With so

many investment choices it’s a no-wonder why so many folks are paralyzed

by what to do with their money. The problem is too many of us are too

overwhelmed to make a move and instead hope for a miracle (or that John

Doe financial planner is taking care of it, right?).

WhileMost importantly, you don’t have to understand everything in the

investment world.

such as your real rate of return and the diversification of your investments. If

you don’t know your returns, how can necessary changes be implemented to

make sure you retire on time or that don’t run out of money? Furthermore,

the investment world is constantly changing and you need to be properly

diversified. Many of us don’t realize that different mutual funds have the

same investments within them. By working with the right professional in this

area, you eliminate guesswork, ensure you’re on track and remain on track,

and gain peace of mind.

What you do have to understand are the cold-hard factsPut a Champion in Your Corner.

or an accountability partner is more important than ever. By meeting

quarterly for a cup of coffee, you’re more likely to pay attention to your plan

than if it just sits in a drawer somewhere. Join forces with someone who

wants you to achieve your dreams as much as you do. Keep on track and

make minor corrections as needed.

In todays turbulent times having a mentorThis year – 2010 – is going to be a great!

Destiny, learn if and how your money is working for you, and connect with a

mentor to help keep you on track to achieving your dreams!

Take the time to Determine YourSee you at the top!

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