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While at a conference these past couple of days I had the opportunity to hear the 7 decisions that determine success.  These success principles were shared by public speaker Andy Andrews, and derived from his book The Traveler’s Gift.  I was retyping my notes today for a friend and thought this might be a worthwhile blog.  Surely someone else may be interested in 7 Decisions that Determine Success.

Andy spoke for about 90 minutes, his quick wit, high energy, fast talking, and self-proclaimed Attention Deficit Disorder made his presentation fly by.  The insight from a man who spent some of his life living under a bridge, adds tremendous credence to the validity of his message.  The main message, we can do any task that we want, we just have to think and act differently.  Below are my notes from the  7 decisions he expressed:

  1.  Responsibility.  Buck stops here.  Make choices to lead you to a place you like.
  2. Seek Wisdom.  Associations, surround with wise people.  Is this a wise thing to do?   Ask yourself the question.  Determine the truth about yourself.
  3. Be a person of Action.  Everything I do matters all the time.
  4. Have a decided heart.  Make your decision and come to a conclusion.  We desire and are drawn to people who know where they are going.
  5. Choose to be Happy.  Today I choose to be happy.  If you choose not to be, your life really does get worse in measurable ways.  Health decreases, attitude, outlook, people you draw to you, or that you push away.  If your life is on a roll—happy—you draw happy, thankful, more energized people.  You will be treated differently everywhere you go.
  6. Forgiveness.  Forgive is a decision, not an emotion.  Forgiveness is about the past, forgive and let go.  Trust is about the future.  You must forgive to move forward and leave in the past, doesn’t mean you have to trust, or not be more aware and alert for future decisions.  Forgiveness is about the past, Trust is about the future.
  7. Persist without exception.

I really enjoyed his presentation and look forward to reading the book.  This will also be good material for my dream board, something to look at everyday!

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The title caught my attention too!  In reading the most recent (not sure if it was December’s or January’s) issue of Men’s Health I stumbled across this article. I probably thought the same thing most of you are thinking now, “Hmmm, wonder where this is going”?

Well it turns out to be a very interesting article about what we as humans find more pleasurable and at the same time more rewarding.  It was a study conducted by a team of psychologists at the University of Plymouth in England.  Their study was published also in Psychological Science and it surveyed 625 people between the ages 16 and 80.  There were lists of different activities done on a daily basis, and they were asked to rank how they felt about each.  The results were placed into a quadrant creating four different categories, ranging from more rewarding to less rewarding and more pleasurable to less pleasurable.  The results were really quite interesting.

Interestingly in the less rewarding and less pleasurable category was self-care, commuting and shopping.  I found it interesting that we spend a great deal of our time shopping, women claim that shopping is a great stress reliever and something they were meant to do, yet it is placed in the least desirable category.  I will pass that along to my wife and female clients and see if theyshare the same sentiment.  What I really found interesting however, were the daily actions placed in the most pleasurable and most rewarding.  The category included activities such as:  time with children, exercise, cooking, socializing, outdoor activities, praying and meditating, and volunteering.  So, the most pleasurable and most rewarding activities, DON”T COST a dime….ironically enough the items most  rewarding are FREE!  If we think it takes money to be happy, think again, we have been sold a bill of goods.  Sounds a little funny coming from a man who makes his living getting people to invest their money wisely, but, I firmly believe we are entering the decade of getting back to the basics.  Spend time with people you love, go for a walk, talk to your neighbor and pray!  The quality time we invest giving back will pay huge dividends in the future, (still need to invest our money too) making a difference in the life of a fellow human being!  Thought that may be of interest to you as much as it was to me.

Some of you also may be wondering where the daily activity of sex fits in….just for your information it was listed in the survey, and strangely too, it was in the more rewarding but less pleasurable…what does that mean?  Less Pleasurable?  Are we doing it wrong?  May be a thought for the next blog!

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