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This week is the week of National History….The new Healthcare Bill.  Who knows how it will eventually turn out, will it be funded, or will the Republicans look for a way to stalemate.  Time will tell on the Health Bill, but I do know a few points that need to be illustrated this week in our financial section.

  1.  The Health bill will be expensive.  Regardless of how you feel or if we need the Bill, I believe we can agree it will be costly.  This comes at a time when the economy is growing at 3% and the national budget is increasing 7% to 10% per year.  The math does not add up.
  2. Finding good solutions for return on your money will be challenging.  With the economy, unemployment, and the changes in laws, solidifying retirement and/or lifestyle income is critical.  There are a few good choices, and it is a matter of blending good choices and understanding the terms for your investment that will determine which path is best for you.
  3. President Obama endorses Annuity contracts.  I found the attached Wall Street Journal article very interesting.   Something we have been endorsing for years has finally reached the notoriety of the Oval Office.  I am glad annuities are being recognized, and certainly gives good credence and validation to our planning for the past 17 years!

Enjoy the article http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703798904575069662769166120.html

Please call with questions or concerns, and remember we appreciate you and value your introductions!


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The kids had taken their first solo flight last weekend to Dallas to visit their Aunt and Uncle, so I took the opportunity to head to Atlanta to meet a good friend for a little golf and relaxation.

Pat and I have shared business ideas for the past 10 years, so throwing in a little golf with our ideas seemed to work out beautiful.  It was great on Saturday to be outside for the first time since winter broke.  We had spent the evening  before enjoying a microbrewery in Buckhead, just on North side of Atlanta.  The name escapes me, or rather it was a German establishment that I can not pronounce the name.  Sitting outside, wathcing the March Madness and discussing how to tie your advertisement to the newspaper article was a hot topic.

Back to the golf game, and the extenstion of the marketing conversation.  The game was good, but Pat got hot in the middle holes and took me for $4.50.  We were playing bingo, bango, bongo for a .25 point.  My not playing for a couple of years worked to his advantage.  Not playing also made me realize how much I miss the game.  Definately going to work more golf into the calendar this year.

Pat may have got me in the golf game, but think the marketing idea for the big screen tv may be the winner he was missing in his practice.  So I am going to go to work on my golf game, and some of his marketing ideas to make sure quality time and money can be shared with people you care about.  It is quality time spent with friends and family that make the world go round.  It was great to see Pat, and if you are in neeed of good financial planning in the Columbia, SC area look him up at www.scpreservation.com.

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The Budgets & Brews mixer on St. Patrick’s Day was a hit!  The Aloft hotel is gorgeous and gives off a fun, fresh, welcoming vibe.  The staff are very friendly and accomodating.  Looking forward to holding future events there.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to partner with VIP magazine, and Aloft.  I met many great people, and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Congratulations to Darlene Rebowe; the winner of the flat screen TV!  Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!

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The Luck of the Irish be with you!  Getting excited about the mixer at the Aloft Hotel this afternoon.  We are meeting the VIP Williamson County magazine, a local artist, a group who is bringing in Irish beer tasting, and a group of about 100 other fine folks!  Thankful for the opportunity to be involved and meet new people.

Will keep you posted and currently, trying to get more done than in the time allotted!

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