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My friends, family and colleagues are starting to wonder what the heck a grown business man is doing with this Glee show excitement.  Truth be told, it has everything to do with the kids.  It was another way for me to bond with the girls.  The television series is good, but the concert pushed me to really appreciate, understand and support the show and crew.

Julia and I arrived an hour early.  Cars were pulling into the parking lot like crazy, filled mostly with high school and college age girls.  There were a few dads mingled in throughout the mix as well.  Some of the dads had a face that said “I know, I am here for my daughter, this is important to her”.  I shared a similar thought, a great night out with my daughter.  Once inside the controlled mania continued.  We promptly stood in line to get our concert going “gear”, a couple of t-shirts for Tracy and Kailey and a show program.  30 minutes later we walked about and found our seats.

The show started at 7:30 with plenty of screaming girls (think my ears were more sensitive to their screams than the loudness of the music).  The opening act was an amazing dance act, lots of spinning and gymnastic moves, great talent.  Then I thought the show was set to go and the screaming would subside, nope, an intermission.  20 minutes later the screams began again and Glee took the stage.

The show was amazingly well-organized.  This is Glee’s first tour and they only have a handful of dates.  With such few dates one would think it would be a small stage set, minimal changes and not much of a show.  I was wrong.  The show was a blend between a concert and a theatrical production, changing sets and scenes on average every 3 songs.  They incorporated costume changes, moving back drops, lights, videos, and even incorporated a Cadillac Escalade and trampolines.  I was also impressed by the group utilizing a full band.  Great musicians certainly complemented the great singers. 

The cast sang with the talent and vigor of Broadway stars (because some of them were) delivering a Broadway performance.  The energy was high, action packed dance moves, interaction with the audience, great voices and tremendous skill provided a non-stop hour of interest.  I did not take my seat. 

The thought that this show is on its first tour and just getting started made this dad a believer of the Glee crew.  It will be great to see how far this group will go!

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Recently discovered the great feeling of running on trails. The scenery is awesome, the ground is softer, and the technical aspects really made for an enjoyable experience.
Trail running can be as easy or as challenging as you like. You can often find a local trail along a river or park, these will often be black top or mulch like surfaces. You can also go to the other extreme where you are really off in the woods or mountains, navigating stumps, rocks, roots, and tough terrain. I find more enjoyment out of the later….a bigger challenge I guess.
Looking for great trails to run?

Runners Guide to Best Trail Runs

Whatever you pleasure or pace, take time to enjoy nature and find a good trail to walk or run. Being outdoors and enjoying some quiet time will energize you and allow you to clear your head. Find a trail near you, you will be glad you did!

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending a nice afternoon with the kids. It always hits me how different the two girls are and how they like to be loved and acknowledged.

The afternoon interaction reminded me of a book I read called the The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. The author does a great job in describing how each person likes to give and receive signs of affection and love. My oldest daughter is very similar to me in her love language, enjoys and responds best to “words of affirmation”. Someone to tell her she has done a good job or that you love her. My youngest has the love language of “Quality Time”, spending time together. She would love nothing more than to hang out and just do something together. She is not interested in long drawn our conversation, doesn’t need to talk about it, just wants to be together. It is nice to have that different style, it also forces me to learn to communicate in a way different from I am accustomed. By me investing 20 minutes with her jumping on the trampoline, states more about how I can show my love for her than saying the words “I love You” a hundred times.
Not sure why that popped into my head today, but did enjoy my time with her on the trampoline. Laughing, jumping, pushing, kicking the ball, and double bouncing each other off the mat, lots of fun. And, who knew, that we were actually telling each other “I Love You”!

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I wanted to add just a little something on the event this past weekend. 

This is to be used as encouragement that anyone can do it! 

You see 3 years ago I had not even run more than 2 miles without walking. 

Today after some good coaching, great groups of poeple, support, a plan,

and a new attitude towards fitness, I am happy to report that this 44 year old man

swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles, and ran 13.1 miles in a little over six and a half hours.

                                                           YOU CAN DO IT!

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