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Kailey and Julia at the pumpkin farm

It seems we all get “stuck” every so often.  Sometimes I think it is only me who has hit this ceiling of complexity or a glass roof I cannot shatter, but it happens to everyone.  Thumbing through a book I wrote a few years back, a story of life reminded me of the cycles of life…..and breaking through those ceilings!

You may have ceilings placed upon you that were never considered ceilings. But if you have gone through life and been stuck at a certain point, look closely at what is causing you to stay stuck. Someone once told me (and for the life of me I can’t remember who), you need to always be growing personally and spiritually. If not, God will put you in a spot to force you to grow. True for me… in looking back, I thought of an example of just that.

Ten years ago I found my family was not really growing as a unit. We were in a holding pattern so to speak, coasting. My youngest daughter was diagnosed 9 years ago with diabetes. A 4 year old diagnosed with diabetes… hard to take, SURE! Family togetherness, bonding, unity, seeing your daughter rise to the challenge, overcoming obstacles, great lesson and great wake up call. (She teaches me more everyday about winning and striving, than I ever could have received from any book I read. (You have examples in your life too, look for them.)

I also learned a valuable lesson from Tracy. I was somewhat crushed when I left the doctor and had the diagnosis, having grown up with a brother with diabetes, I knew the struggles that were to follow. She said to me “What are you going to do? We are going to deal with this, move on, and grow.” That we did.

We all have struggles and problems. Of course we do, we’re not dead. Work through them, build upon them, challenge your beliefs, raise your ceilings, and win!

How do you overcome your struggles?

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Mantra: I am more than I appear to be, all the world's strength and power rests inside me.

This was a good reminder for me today, realizing what it takes to live a radiant life.  Robin Sharma and his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, illustrate through a parable the strategies to peaceful living.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Kaizen is Constant and Never Ending Improvement. You must feel good on the inside before things on the outside will be good…

Practice the Ten Rituals for Radiant Living:

Ritual of Solitude (Mediation)

Ritual of Physicality (Exercise)

Ritual of Live Food (Vegetarianism)

Ritual of Abundant Knowledge (Lifelong Learning)

Ritual of Personal Reflection ( Get to Know Yourself)

Ritual of Music (Listen to Music)

Ritual of the Spoken Word (Recite Mantras – Affirmations)

Ritual of Congruent Character (Industry, Compassion, Humility, Patience, Honesty and Courage)

Ritual of Simplicity (Live a Simple Life)

What is your favorite Mantra?

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Find your Passion and live it everyday

The Purpose of Life’s is Your Life’s Purpose

Never forget the importance of living with unbridled exhilaration. See the exquisite beauty in all living things. Today, and this very moment is a gift. Stay focused on your purpose. The universe will take care of everything else.

It’s important to take the time to exam yourself. Determine how you see yourself, how others see you and how you really are.

Follow the 5 step method for Working your Passion:

  • Form a clear mental image of the outcome
  • Create a positive pressure on yourself to keep yourself inspired
  • Never set a goal without attaching a timeline to it
  • Perform the new activity for 21 days in a row
  • Have fun every day while you are advancing towards your purpose.

Find a burning passion for something!

What is your Passion?  Was it easy to find?  It took years for me to narrow down on what mine is, while others know it right out of the gate.  Perhaps we always know it, but it take years to realize it is exactly what it is supposed to be?

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You Can Do It!

Working through old journals and books led me to one way that helped me get through tough times in years past.  Ironically it is the same way to get everything you want.  Wether you are searching for ways to catapault your success, or a good way to get re-motivated, the three 3 points below will take you there!

1.  You can train your mind to think positive thoughts. These positive thoughts will give you energy and fill you with cheer. Think “I CAN!” – Your mind can only hold one thought at a time make it a positive thought.

2.  Explore your mind – find what you truly love to do and put all your energy towards doing it.

3.  Involve your body in positive thinking. Sit up straight and breathe deeply. If you’re up, move your body like you’re happy and full of energy.

Most importantly, Visualize! For several minutes take breaths and clear your mind. Begin to visualize pictures of what and who you want to be. Clarify those pictures. Fine tune them, adding more and more detail. The more real the pictures, the closer you will get to making them your reality.

What is the one thing that you are striving for this week?

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Really John?

Reinforcing good behavior and replacing the ones that are not so good, a good goal.  Successful people practice certain behaviors and non-successful people also exercise certain behaviors.  Looking at which behaviors are exhibited determines which way the day, week, life goes.

Behaviors of Successful People– Self responsible, take control, positive, happy, smile, express gratitude, say thank you, give praise, give attention, listen actively.

Behaviors of Non-Successful People–make excuses, irresponsible, lack control, negative emotions, anger, fear, resentment, guilt, envy, jealousy, worry.

Note: Habits can not be eliminated! They can, however, be replaced. It takes 21 days to replace a habit. By changing an action, you modify a habit, by changing a habit you modify your behavior.

The steps to change:

  • Form a clear mental image
  • Put positive pressure on yourself
  • Set goals with tracking timelines – A goal without a date is a dream
  • Do it for 21 days, then it becomes a new good habit or a Ritual
  • Enjoy the process. A day without laughter and a day without love is a day without life!

 IF you were to change one habit, or behavior what would it be?

What would the impact of that change be?

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After trying to process 60,000 thoughts each day


 I woke up this morning around 4 a.m. and was working through some struggles in my life.  Thinking about work, implementing new ideas, kids and their activities and are they adjusting to high school, relationships–and why are they so hard sometimes, and then I realized, I keep having the same thoughts go through my head.  I need to change this.  The way I talk to myself and what I think about comes true.

The whole concept reminded me of a book I read years ago “What do you say when you talk to yourself”, by Shad Helmstetter.  A great book on how we have all these thoughts and most of them are the same.  Our talk to ourselves is typically negative.  Time to change that.  So I did.  I started doing some positive mantras, mental visioning and changing the way I was talking. 

Todays Thought:

Find time each day or at least each week to sit and reflect, meditate, or be alone. There is power in quiet time. It allows you to remove some of those 60,000 thoughts that keep going through our heads, and tap into some new ones.

Often times your answers to all your problems are in your head and the power of the universe. Rarely do we take the time to step back from our current situation and look at the big picture. When you do, the answers will come to you. Some of you will think its magic, but it has been happening for thousands of years. I can’t explain it, not sure why it happens, but it does!

How do you say when you talk to yourself?

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Being you isn't always easy

Too often we allow others opinions to alter the way we view ourselves. A friend could tell us “That look is not you!” What do we do? We never wear that outfit again.

A prospect says “Ya know, I heard a lot of bad things about annuities. They aren’t such a good investment. Why are you even selling them?” If we are in a state of viewing our self as inadequate, we start to question ourselves. “Yea, why am I offering this?”, “Maybe he is right! or “I am no good at this.”

We have tendencies to take all this as personal attacks, which change the way we view ourselves. It’s amazing how someone who we just met can have that kind of impact on our lives. More often than not when someone is telling you their opinion they are trying to make themselves feel better, by making you feel worse.

What do you do when you feel people are insulting or criticizing you?

It is tough to work through, but I try to remember that what other people think of me is none of my business.

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Some Tasks we perform well others not so well. Self belief remains strong regardless.


We all have different duties in life

Employer         Business Owner                       Employee

Husband          Wife                            Partner

Parent              Grandparent                 Child

Friend              Coach                          Student

Golfer              Runner                         Swimmer

And different functions with each

Manager           Disciplinarian              Mentor

Follower          Leader                         Supporter

Confidant        Caregiver

How we perform these duties can be identified as our TASKS. But this should not shape how we feel about ourselves. If we had a bad day selling that doesn’t make us a bad person, it just means we need to improve the behavior and actions that went into making it a bad day. If we didn’t fold the laundry correctly, doesn’t mean we are a bad person, we just need to improve our behaviors (or our spouses, just kidding, remember you can only change you, no one else).

How we feel about ourselves should always remain the same. You are an individual with great qualities and attributes, always believe in yourself. Protect that, keep it strong, work on modifying a behavior or action; this will change the outcome of your world.

Take time to work on tasks you have to complete, improve skills, work through training manuals, read books, go to seminars, but remember — your jobs you have in life are TASKS, whether done well or done not so well, your beliefs about yourself remain strong!

Where do you feel your identity is hit the hardest? 

 I often believe if I had a bad day at work, or didn’t sell or advise someone, I did poorly.  It is just a day, there will be another one, move on!

Invest In Balance–BALC–Beleive, Advise, Lead, Capitalize

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You have the answer, you always have

Carve out an hour without distraction, sit and let your mind go free. Put the kids to bed, give your spouse a kiss, leave the TV and radio off and get comfortable. Just sit for an hour.

After about 15 minutes your thoughts will change from “Gosh, this is stupid I have this to do this and that to do; why am I sitting here?” You will slowly begin to look beyond the mental chatter, and look deeper into what really is happening. Experts say we have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Unfortunately, most of these thoughts are the same.

At the end of the hour, jot down your thoughts and add the date. You are starting to discover what makes you — YOU!

You can also seek the answer to a question, guaranteed you will have the answer at the end of the hour.

What are some of the questions you want answers too?

I am trying to work through the best ways to launch a new business idea, fit in training, invest, and be a good dad!

Invest in Balance–BALC– Believe, Advise, Lead, Capitalize.

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Moring run, standing in front of the "Chinese Proverb".

In Elgin, IL today on my morning run through the old neighborhood I was reminded of a Chinese Proverb: 

“The Best Time To Plant a Tree Is 40 Years Ago, The Second Best Time is TODAY”.

A tree I got 25 years ago they were throwing away at the landscaping company

25 years ago the landscaping company was throwing out this Locust tree. This tree looked like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  There were no leaves, all dried out and about dead.  I thought, I can take that home and plant it.  So I did.  This tree now is amazing!  Full of life, vibrant and huge.

Two ideas emerged as I recalled the tree:  The best time to plant a tree is 40 years ago, the second best time is today!  Time is going to go by.  You can’t stop time, can’t control it, only can manage it.  It is never too late to pursue your dreams.  If you feel like you have to wait until retirement, or until I save enough money, or be a little older than I can do it.  Or some folks think it is too late, they are too old, too tired, or missed the opportunity…..I say bull crap.  Time is going to pass us by, we can’t let that happen.  Take the steps we need to take, this is the perfect time to start!

The second thought is we are not in control, God is!  I did not do a thing to this tree.  No miracle grow, no putting headsets on its leaves with soft music, I didn’t lay by its side at night to make sure it was protected, I did nothing.  YET, the tree grew.  Day by Day, and year by year it took shape, grew, and blossomed into this beautiful tree.  Just like us, we are not in control.  We are being molded, shaped and guided into the creature God wants us to be.  WE just have to let go of control and let it happen.  Take steps each day towards what are passions are, we were given and feel passions for a reason.  Our talents and joy is where He wants us to be.

I am reminded of the path to take, and that my life is more like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, evolving and growing every day.  Take each step, one step, day by day…..take a step to follow your passion! 

Invest in Balance–Financially, Physically and Personally.

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