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Sure seems like the hills going up are longer than the ones going down

Biking this morning a thought popped into my head:

“I would really love this sport if it weren’t for biking up these hills”

Every time reaching the summit of some hill, can’t breath, legs sore, and wondering how slow you can go up a hill without going backwards.  Think today I was close to going backwards on one hill, but learned, you can go 4 mph and still go forward.  Then I realized and compared this same thought to life, once I could breath again.  If all you had were downhills that would be fun, but eventually you get to a valley or a pit, or a flat.  Pits, valleys, and the bottom is not fun.

The insight — it is much better to struggle to get to the top of a hill, get stronger, be more in shape and enjoy the climb for what it is….a test of your personal strength.  Then, fly like the wind on the downhills and enjoy the cruise of the flats.  Life and bikes are full of peaks and valleys, struggle and joys, fun and pain….enjoy where you are, for what it is, was the thought that came to me today.

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Cedars of Lebanon transition area

The Cedars of Lebanon triathlon was the second triathlon I ever did.  It was the first “longer” race, and is definitely a great place to race.  Team Magic is the sponsor and their races are well-organized!  I went back and forth whether I was going to even do the race this year, (feeling a little burnt out from Half Ironman earlier in the year, working through stress, and feeling less than excited recently about training), but I had signed up earlier in the year and thought “you made the commitment, go do it”.

So I awoke around 3 a.m., had ideas of business reeling through my head, and stayed awake until I left around 5.  Did prove to be great quiet time and some good things flowed through my head.  Once on the road you start to notice cars with bikes on the back, heading to the TRI!  The excitement builds and feeling a little nervous too.

Transition area set up!

My favorite part of racing is the people.  Some folks race for the thrill of competing, some come to PR and set a new Personal Record, some come to see if they can win their age group, but I come to socialize and have fun.  Racing is fun, exercise rewarding, but it is the relationships that make the difference.  It also become a heck of a lot easier to come do if you know a few people.  In racking the bike, I look over and there is Niki (a young lady from Excel swim class), all smile and yucking it up.  After a few moments of laughter and exchange, we walk to the pool for a practice swim and prepare to race.  Along the way seeing more friends from past races, run groups, and Excel aquatics.  Great to see Stephanie Knight, Ashley Whitney, Coach Kathleen, Coach Caroline, and bunch of other people—-no idea why I felt the need to start listing them?

The race was pretty much a standard triathlon–swim, bike and run.  The swim was smooth and no one grabbed my ankles or kicked me in the face.  The transition was to bike was good and seemed pretty fast, did discover some new noises while riding and came to realization that I can no longer say my bike will be ok, time for an upgrade!  The run, well the run…the run is the run.  My least favorite part, each time I start by saying “when are you going to get the rest of this weight off and keep it off”?  The run time was faster than last year, so that is good.

The finish is always climatic!  You have fans yelling, cheering, and your name announced.  Someone hands you a water bottle and another volunteer removes your ankle band timing chip.  You quickly see faces you know and share stories of how your day went.  It is amazing the quality of athletes that we are surrounded by, great talent and humble mentality.  What a beautiful combination.

Triathlon’s provide a great way to exercise, meet people, know and realize your strengths and weakness’, push yourself, and be engulfed by positive people.  Where else can you meet good people?  Looking for a place to meet good people?  Come try a tri….the water is great!

Invest in Balance-Physically.

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