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I recently had the pleasure of visiting Banff, Canada.  What beautiful country and what a blessing it was to visit.

View of Fairmont from hiking trail below

Every year some of the carriers provide incentive trips to exotic locations, this years trip was Banff.  The trips are typically all decked out, and this one was no exception.  The hotel accommodations were the Fairmont just outside downtown Banff.  An old (1800’s) castle, that was renovated into a hotel. 

 The first day was spent traveling, and upon arrival a walk around the hotel, topped off with a well needed strength workout.  Once the workout was complete, a little nap and a nice dinner reception.  Great to get caught up with friends from around the country, and great to spend time with my good friend, Pat Strubbe.

Lake Louise with Glacier in the background, one of areas most photographed spots

The trip included several neat excursions.  The first day we did a bus trip to Lake Louise.  An hour and half ride into the mountains seeing deer, elk and lots of other wildlife along the way.  Once at the Fairmont in lake Louise we had lunch, and took pictures around the lake.  Pat and I also ventured the trek to Lookout mountain, about 30 minute hike straight up, but well worth the views!

Pat and I atop the Lookout over Lake Louise, still huffing and puffing from the hike!

The following day we headed to the golf course.  Another refreshingly chilly morning, about 58 degrees, creeping up to 70 that day, but real cold in the morning.  The course was challenging and fun, I spent a good deal of time in the bunkers and really got to work on the sand game.  One of the high lites, naturally, the beauty of the course.

One of the holes with the hotel in background

The round of golf was complete with an Elk burger, sweet potato fries, and a nice glass of water!

Hiking in and around Banff is also extraordinary.  Pat and I embarked on an 13k hike the following day.  Great conversation, deep insight, and a pondering of meaning of life and how to proceed through it.  We did conclude that the best way to proceed is by trusting in God,  surrender, do your best, treat people with love and kindness, give more than you take, and live each day….day by day!

Fly fishing was a brand new experience for me.  I have fished for lots of different fish, in many different ways, but mastering that fly rod was a whole new experience.  There is definitely an art to mastering the cast on a fly rod, I am thankful for the guide having extreme patience.  Fly fishing was great, I still prefer the old rod and reel.

Fly fishing, look close, by the end of the fish, I went back to rod and reel!

The trip was filled with many great memories, stories, and events.  It was the trip that I will remember forever.  I am thankful for Advisors Excel in providing such a great experience!  Great to see and reconnect with friends from around the country, looking forward to next time!  Cheers!

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