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Preparing to share the insight from this bike ride, ready?

A thought hit me as I was riding my bike the other morning.  I am riding along, it is a somewhat cool morning for Franklin, TN in August, probably around 72 at 6:30 a.m.  During my rides the ideas flow, energy is good and positive, and often clarity and simplicity will follow.  Now, mind you this is in between the deep breaths, gasping for air, and wondering why I ate at the Chinese buffet the day before.  Not sure why I ever eat at the Chinese buffet, momentary lapse I suppose.

Anyhow the three insights, Impactful Ideas came during this ride.  On a part of Hwy. 96 heading towards Franklin, the road has these bumps on one side, and on the other side is the rough shoulder.  In the middle is the beautiful sweet spot, the road is real smooth and the riding is the best, most awesome surface you could find, real fast and real easy to cruise.  The problem is staying in this narrow “sweet spot”.

The bumpy rough spots, with the sweet spot narrowly in the middle

The discovery was this….focus on where you are going and you will hit your destination with ease!  I found that if I kept my eyes straight, I could stay right in the sweet spot and smooth sail all the way.  If I took my eyes off the focus of ahead, or looked down…big trouble….into the bumps or rough shoulder I went, making it a heck of a lot tougher to ride, and no cruising for sure, and much tougher to pedal!

The clarity all came together into 3 Quick Hitting Impactful Tips to Reach Your Goals:

1.  Choose your destination.  Set out with a purpose and chart your course (applies to investing, retirement, life)

2.  Focus your attention on your destination.  Look at your goal or target, looking down or backward will cause you to fall off your path.

3.  Get comfortable in your seat.  It may take some time to train our minds to focus on our targets, be patient enjoy the ride and know that you are on a growth path.  There will be bumps, there will be rough, but there will also be smooth spots!

Focus on where you are going, You can get there!

Look forward to seeing you on a ride, and would love to hear what you are striving for in your life.

What is the main focus of your life?

Please share…all the cool kids are doing it!

Enjoy the ride, have a great day.  Invest in Balance!

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