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Kailey running Molly fondly referred to as "the Mare"

This morning I am standing by the kitchen sink enjoying a nice glass of water and looking out the window.  Out the window of the side of our house you can see this nice walkway bridge covering the creek, worn path to the barn, and the horses eating their breakfast.  It is a very normal site for 8:00 a.m.  The funny part about this morning is my latest discovery.  That Mare will always walk away from her food and come poop right by the path and fence.

Why does that Mare always poop by the Fence?  I stood there laughing out loud at myself.  First, I was laughing thinking “what kind of man even thinks about why a horse poops by the fence”? Then secondly, Why does she?  So that is my question for the day.  I am open and welcome any answers to the above question.  Is the Mare trying to create obstacles because she knows I come to the barn to feed, and she wants me to step in her stuff?  Is she trying to keep strange visitors out of the arena?  Is she PMS (ing) and thinks its funny?  AHH, the mysteries of life.

Kailey and The Mare doing what they do....Turning Barrels!

Please share your insight, and enlighten this young man with your wisdom!

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