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I had talked about accountability and community earlier today, two of the keys to help with success in any endeavor. Below is the accountability schedule to share with the community!

Feb. 13 — Mercedes Full marathon–Birmingham, AL

March 12– Tom King Half marathon–Nashville, TN

May 15– Rev 3 Olympic distance–Knoxville, TN

June 11– Harpeth Century Ride– Franklin, TN

July 10– ??–Chattanooga Olympic–Chattanooga, TN

July 17– Cardinal Half Ironman– Louiville, KY

Sept. 11– Ironman WI—Madison, WI.

More than likely add St. Jude in December or Disney Marathon in Jan/12

Wishing you all a tremendous race season, and asking you to be a part of the community that holds me accountable!

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Perhaps the new tat at years end?


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Ironman---a test of an individual and one long day

I don’t know the reason why or what causes this anxiety, but I couldn’t sleep last night.  Tossing and turning, thinking about business, kids–yes those are the easy ones–bet eventually always coming back to the high noon deadline of signing up for Ironman Wisconsin.

This anxiety is coming from false fear I know.  I have read enough and learned it is the mind sending me all these stupid thoughts….How you going to do that? You are really going to have to change your life?  You don’t have time for that?  Why do you want to do it anyway?  The last question is the one that always comes back to me…Why do I want to do this anyway?  Two answers emerge.  The first answer is I wrote down as a goal years ago and I am going to do it.  The second answer is it scares the hell out of me, so I have to do it!  Just to know that I can, and I can say I am an Ironman.

Part of me is excited about the year-long journey, and preparing for such an event.  Most of me is realizing what it is going to take to make it through the event.    It will be long hours in the pool, the bike and the street.  My diet will change and the 30 pounds I have been talking about taking off for the past 2 years will definitely have to come off.  It will be a challenge and a struggle, but what an accomplishment.  Being surrounded by good people, great coaches, fun events, and those who have led the way before me will make a huge difference.  Thank you to those who have shown us the way already, you took the step in faith, allowing those behind you to follow!

High noon is approaching, the website is book marked, and the journey to Ironman begins! 

Any tips for a first time Ironman entry?  Please share.

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