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Random Homecoming picture happening all across America


Last night was Homecoming for Franklin High School and Christ Presbyterian Academy.  Both Kailey and Julia went to the dance.  Kailey went to CPA’s and Julia to Franklin’s.  I got a phone call during the week asking if I could help out at Franklin’s, I replied of course, and was given the task of watching the doors as kids entered and left.

Sitting outside watching as the kids arrived took me right back to freshman year in high school.  The feelings of excitement, possibility of a slow dance, meeting friends and acting goofy.  Felt like I was 15 again.  Then the analyzing dad came back into focus and started to really watch these kids interact, who they were hanging out with, what they wore, some of the conversations, were they having a good time or forced to come?

Throughout the evening a couple of insights emerged:

1.  Boys did not get dressed up / Girls primped.  A couple of guys had a tie, maybe one in a sport coat.  The majority wore a casual shirt, jeans, baseball hat, shorts, and a polo.  The girls were all looking well put together.  The dresses were nice (some a little revealing, more on that in a minute), hair was done, make up was on, and the perfume bottles were flowing.

2.  There were no flowers.  Julia was sent with a nice wrist corsage.  Before she arrived I texted her and said to leave the flowers in the car because it wasn’t happening here.  She came up to me before going in, with corsage in hand (feeling like she was supposed to wear it, but really didn’t want to) and I said put it in the garbage, not one other corsage or boutinniere was seen.

Did not see a single one of these

3.  The dancing has changed.  Saw a lot of slam dancing, bump and grinding, but mostly real close dancing.  I know kids are kids and hormones are racing, just seemed close to me–perhaps because I have two daughters and was a teenage boy.

The thought led me to think about what society (we) are teaching our kids.  WE may not be teaching them, but certainly are allowing them to be taught by others—MTV, magazines, tv shows, friends, etc. Our society is showing too many wrong examples for the kids to follow.  I am not opposed to dancing and having a good time, but what happens as this goes further down the path of acceptable.  If we allow young adults to be laxed on self-respect, dignity, pride and values what are they going to turn into as adults? 

How do we show these kids that what they are seeing isn’t reality—tv shows, mtv, magazines, easy sex, doing what feels right, all have consequences?  Real life is about values, relationships, self-respect and helping each other, not about what you can get for your self!

As I type I wonder if this has happened in every generation before us, is it something that comes with age?

These kids are good kids, living in great communities with affluent parents.  The kids were kind, exuded manners, and were well-behaved.  I was expecting to see alcohol in the parking lot, happy to report, none to be seen. Certainly it is not this tame in other parts of the country. The concern really hits me because this is Franklin, TN. If it is happening in our “Mayberry” community, it is surely happening to greater degree somewhere else.

This Homecoming allowed me to go back in time and remember some great times.  Homecoming is a neat tradition and happy to report my girls had fun.  Glad they got to experience the excitement.  It was also nice to see kids come as groups, date or no date, come on and have fun!

Homecoming  shed some light into the direction we are heading, and these kids are going to be leading the way, good or bad.  The values we instill are going to be passed down from generation to generation.  Watch our thoughts, they become actions; watch are actions, they become habits; watch our  habits, they become our character.


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I was asked recently by a marketing company “How did your business determine the new growth avenues”? In explaining my answer and story, she said Blog about that.

How do you arrive at where you are in life, and is there a way to do it on purpose?
The answer to the above question, or at least the second part is “Yes”. Yes, you can live your life on purpose, you have to take the steps. If you don’t take those steps you live your life according to someone else’s plan, or you settle for what ever comes along. If you want to have a great business and/or great life, must evaluate, modify, and take action.
This is what I did with my business about 18 months. It is a process I have come to discover called Creative Destruction. It is a process where you look at your business and ask some hard questions:
Where am I going?
Who am I serving?
What do we value?
How are we showing value?
How do I want the business to look in 15 years, and am I on the right track?

Many other questions were also asked.  Utilizing a few books for good questions–Half Time, Confessions of Successful CEO, Understanding your Unique Ability, and others.
This sounds like something that could be done in an afternoon, and for some it could. For me, I sat with it a while. I didn’t want to rush through the answers and I wanted to be clear I was seeing and hearing the truth. Talking with clients, friends and colleagues. Asking them what is the value we provide. Listen to truths and stripping away what I may have thought to be truths. Allowing myself to spend time evaluating and becoming clear. Learning that I must be true to myself and true to what God is calling me to do with my life. Learning that by going deeper more meaning comes through.
It was a great process, I won’t share all the details but will share that the process showed my that the value we provide is four fold, helping people find Balance, Advise, Lead, and Capitalize.
Providing a unique platform for personal, physical and financial growth will create a great life. It is neat to see that these are the same values I hold important; people, growth, leading, giving and having fun.
So if you have some spare time and really want to look at you, your business or your life, take time to ask yourself some good hard questions, then….be open for the answers, own them, and act upon them.

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